Welcome to Ridley, Australia’s leading provider of high performance animal nutrition solutions. Ridley has been an integral part of Australian agriculture for almost 30 years, building strong partnerships with suppliers, customers and local communities.

We are respected for the quality and performance of our products, for our service and expertise, for our continual innovation and improvement, and for our commitment to the people who make a living rearing and caring for animals.

We care for all farmers, from the farmers working the huge pastoral farms of Northern Australia, to the backyard hobbyists, to the entrepreneurs, to the enthusiasts.

With major brands that include Barastoc, Cobber, Rumevite, and Primo, Ridley has a reputation for quality feeds that deliver real results. We provide complete rations, mineral concentrates, nutritional blocks and supplements that meet the needs of a wide range of species, including dairy cows, poultry, pig, beef, horse, sheep, dog, at all stages of life.

Whether you need to bring healthy animals to market as quickly as possible, ensure working dogs and competition horses will perform at their best, or that your companion animals are getting the best care, Ridley has the right nutritional solution.