Ridley Corporation is Australia’s premium provider of high performance animal nutrition solutions owning Ridley AgriProducts. Our products are Australian owned & manufactured.

About Ridley Corporation

Ridley Corporation proudly stands as an Australian owned company running Ridley AgriProducts, the country's largest commercial provider of high performance animal nutrition solutions.

Ridley AgriProducts is leading the industry in high quality, value added stock feed. As one of the largest domestic consumers of Australian grown cereal grains, we are continually supporting primary producers and rural communities. Ridley AgriProducts prides itself on providing premier products and service to animal producers, consistently delivering quality goods and adding value to customers. The Australian operation supports both the major food producers in the beef, dairy, poultry, pig, sheep, and aquaculture industries, laboratory animals and the equine and canines in the recreational sector.

Ridley Corporation employs over 600 people across regional Australia. As the largest employer in many remote communities, we are committed to investing in the development of all our people and building the skills base of the rural areas in which we operate. To this end, we share a strong sense of responsibility to the communities we serve. We do not measure success solely in financial terms, but also in the process of how we achieve that success.

At Ridley Corporation, people are our business. We foster creativity in an open and inclusive environment where our employees can strive to be their best and achieve their goals. We work hard to conduct our business with integrity - respecting our employees, our consumers and the environment around us. We do our utmost to ensure that Ridley Corporation will continue to be a key contributor to the Australian industry and the communities in which we operate for years to come.

At Ridley Corporation, we believe that with great people, we will achieve great business that will drive great results to sustain business success.