Ridley Corporation began operating in 1987 and was incorporated and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange that same year.

In 1990 Ridley purchased Barastoc Stockfeeds, an Australian pioneer in the field of steam pelleting technology and prominent stockfeed manufacturer, with origins dating back to 1938.

Our need to grow and expand to become Australia’s leading provider of animal feed solutions saw us undertake a series of strategic acquisitions. This began with Cheetham Salt Limited in 1992, and over the next decade we would acquire or form multiple ventures with Defiance Milling, Cobber Dog Food, Farmstock Stockfeed, Moloney’s Stockfeed, Primestock, and Maffra Stockfeed. This consolidated our leading position in the feed industry market.

In 2011, Ridley acquired Camilleri Stockfeed, a poultry and fish rendering business in Maroota, NSW. Rendering is a process that converts raw animal tissue into various protein, fat, and mineral products. These comprise rich granular-type meals and liquid fats with specific nutritional components that are then used in the production of pet food, and animal and aquaculture feeds.

In 2013, Ridley acquired the Laverton business of BPL, Victoria’s largest red meat and poultry renderer, marking our entry into the Victorian rendering sector. This was part of our strategy to secure the supply chain for the key raw materials and ingredients that are essential in providing nutrition for livestock. Ridley launched the CSF Proteins brand in 2013, incorporating the Laverton and Maroota rendering businesses plus the recently acquired tuna meal importing business Bartlett Grain – all proven, long-term quality providers of animal protein products to domestic and international markets.

In January 2016 Ridley acquired a 49% joint venture interest in Pen Ngern Feedmill Co (PNFM), an entity domiciled in Thailand which owns and operates a dedicated aquafeed manufacturing facility. This new facility, built in 2012, has a capacity of 30,000 tonnes to service the local Aqua feed market with a focus on prawn. In addition to the feed-mill operation, Ridley’s Joint Venture partnership also represents a critical step in Ridley’s wider strategy to develop and commercialise NovacqTM as a novel feed ingredient.

In February 2017, Ridley opened its newest feed mill, located at Lara on the north eastern outskirts of Geelong. Incorporating environmentally friendly and highly efficient global best practice, the mill has been designed to deliver the highest quality feed. The mill is strategically located near the key growth areas for poultry and pig production, and is also in close proximity to raw material grain supply and logistics.

As a result of these investments, Ridley proudly stands today as Australia’s largest provider of high performance animal nutrition solutions.