Ridley Endorsed Brands



Barastoc is our retail brand of animal feeds which is underpinned by three pillars – health, wellness and performance.

For those dedicated to giving their livestock and pets the best, Barastoc provides superior, complete and balanced diets that meet the specific requirements of all animals at all stages of life.

Australian made and owned, Barastoc has been trusted by farmers since 1938 to feed a wide range of animals, including poultry, pigs, horses, dairy cattle, goats, laboratory animals, and lifestyle pets.

To find out more visit our species-specific websites using one of the following links:

www.barastopoultry.com.au (coming soon)


Cobber is our retail brand of dry feeds for dogs that live, work, play and laze in rural Australia.

In its time, Cobber has learnt that farming in Australia is not like farming anywhere else in the world. It has its unique opportunities and challenges and requires a toughness and resilience from both the farmer and their dogs.

Cobber has used this knowledge to develop a range of feeds that are perfectly balanced for the unique demands faced by country living dogs.

To find out more visit www.cobberdogs.com.au

Rumevite has been a mainstay of Australian beef and sheep farmers since 1967, and stands for maximising producer productivity in the face of changing and often adverse environments.

The Rumevite range has been formulated by some of Australia’s most experienced animal nutritionists to meet the needs of all classes of sheep and beef cattle. They provide an appealing and balanced ration that ensures your animals’ optimum health and performance.

To find out more visit www.rumevite.com.au

Primo is our retail brand that supplies live and formulated feeds as well as a key range of equipment to the Commercial Aquaculture Industry, Aquarium, Aquaponics and other Hobbyist growers.

We are also the exclusive distributors of INVE Agriculture in Australia and the South pacific.

To find out more visit www.primo.net.au