Corporate Governance

Ridley Corporation and the Board are committed to achieving the highest standards of corporate governance

The Australian Securities Exchange Listing Rules require companies to disclose the extent to which they have complied with the best practice recommendations of the ASX Corporate Governance Council Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (Recommendations).

In accordance with ASX Listing Rule 4.10.3, the Company will disclose when it has not adhered to any of the Recommendations.  The Company considers that it complies with all Recommendations except for Recommendation 2.1 which suggests that a company should have a Nominations Committee, with at least three non-executive director members.  Given the manageable size of the Board and the skill sets represented by its full complement, Nominations Committee issues are addressed by the full Ridley Board.

Board of Directors

1.    Board responsibilities The Chair is responsible for leading the Board, ensuring all directors are properly briefed in all matters [read more]


1.    Remuneration Committee The role of the Remuneration Committee is to review, and make recommendations to the Board on, remuneration [read more]


1. Risk management The Company has in place a Strategic Risk Management Framework, a summary of which is available on [read more]

Charters and Policies

 Charters and Policies The Board of Ridley Corporation places great importance on good corporate governance and considers it of vital [read more]