Marine Fish

Ridley has developed quality diets for high-value marine fish species such as Yellowtail Kingfish, Cobia, Snapper and Grouper with specific nutrients designed to unleash their full growth potential.

The Ridley Pelagica range covers marine species from nursery to harvest. It maximises feed intake and promotes performance by supplying a specific amino acid balance to deliver superior growth and health, while improving feed conversion ratio and reducing environmental impact.

The range includes:

  • Nutragard Sink – This starter diet contains digestible nutrients and specialist additives to give your young fish a great start in life and minimise the stress of grading and handling. It is designed for cages or tanks and covers hatchery and nursery requirements.
  • Pelagica Transfer – This high performance diet contains key nutrients designed to take top quality juveniles through the transition from nursery to grow out.
  • Pelagica Sink – This diet is designed for cages through the grow-out phase.
  • Pelagica Float – With a similar nutritional profile to Pelagica Sink, this range is designed for marine ponds or tanks.
  • Pelagica FLE – This is a low energy version of the range, for species with lower lipid requirements (e.g. Grouper and Snapper).

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