Monds feeds offer formulated blends for a wide range of commercial and domestic livestock as well as poultry and equines.

Our range of feeds include:


Everyday Layer Pellet

Chick Starter Crumble*

Pullet Grower Crumble*

High Energy Layer Pellet*

*Available in Tasmania only

Equine Horse & Pony Pellet

Calf Starter Muesli (Available in Victoria & Tasmania only)

Calf Starter Pellet*

Pre Calving Cube*

Calf Weaner Pellet*

Dairy Heifer Grower Pellet  (Available in Victoria & Tasmania only)

*Available in Tasmania only

Pig Pig Grower Pellet

Ewe & Lamb Cube (Available in Victoria & Tasmania only)

Sheep & Cattle (Available in Tasmania only)

For further information, please contact our Ridley Sales & Support team on 1300 666 657 or email