Rumevite offers an extensive range of high quality, value-adding, palatable feeding solutions for your beef cattle.

Developed by some of the country’s top livestock nutritionists, our packaged feeds are tailored to meet beef cattle’s nutritional requirements and optimise growth, health, and performance in a variety of feeding and environmental conditions.

Weaner Beef Cattle

Our animal nutritionists have developed a range of high quality, effective feeding solutions that meet the nutritional requirements of weaner [read more]

Steers & Replacement Heifers

Young steers and replacement heifers are the future income of beef producers. Good nutrition practices allow cattle to reach their [read more]

Stud Feeds for Beef Cattle

The Rumevite Stud Range has been specifically formulated to help condition stud cattle for show or sale.

Maintenance Feeds for Beef & Sheep

We have designed the Rumevite Maintenance Feeding Range to maintain body condition in all cattle breeds when the dry season [read more]

Feed Concentrates for Beef Cattle

Rumevite Feed Concentrates are a convenient, cost-effective way for you to nutritionally balance grain or molasses-based feed rations. To feed [read more]