Rumevite offers a wide range of palatable supplementary feeds and concentrates to meet the nutritional requirements of lambs, ewes and rams in a diverse range of feeding situations and environmental conditions.

Developed by our highly regarded animal nutritionists, our nutritional solutions will get the best out of your stock, and improve your bottom line.

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Supplementary Growth Feeds for Sheep

For your animals to have top energy, growth, and production they need the right proteins, vitamins, and minerals at the [read more]

Feedlot Sheep Feeds

Finishing your lambs profitably means maintaining their protein, energy, vitamin, and mineral requirements. The Rumevite Feedlot Range makes sure of [read more]

Stud Feeds for Sheep

The Rumevite Stud Sheep Range provides the essential nutrients to get your sheep ready for show or sale. Developed by [read more]