Calf Milk Replacement

Calves are the future of your dairy herd, so it is essential to rear them correctly right from the very first day.  Our calf milk replacers are designed to replace fresh milk in a calf’s diet after colostrum feeding, and through to weaning to give them the best start to life.

Palastart calf milk replacers are proven, successful products for your dairy or beef calves that will give them the rapid growth and subsequent rumen development you need. We formulate our products to the highest specifications using only the finest of ingredients including dairy, skim milk, and whole milk powders.

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PalaStart® Blue

Palastart Blue is an everyday calf milk replacer with 24% protein and 20% fat formulated to provide a complete and [read more]

PalaStart® Green

Palastart Green is a premium quality calf milk replacer with 28% protein and 21% fat. What will it provide my [read more]

PalaStart® DaisyVite

DaisyVite is a premium calf milk replacer including AgriMos™ to help promote healthy gut micro flora and help give your [read more]

Barastoc Platinum Ultimate Calf Milk Replacer

Barastoc Platinum is the ultimate calf milk replacer with 28% protein and 22% fat that supports greater growth rates and [read more]