Calf Rearing

Our tailored nutritional feeds will ensure that your calves are able to realise their growth potential

Designed for feeding with available pasture and other forages, our scientifically formulated products will provide your calves with a balanced source of energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals to promote optimum growth, health and development.

Made from palatable, high quality ingredients, the feeds are available in either a pellet or meal form.

Barastoc Baby Calf Pellets

Baby calf pellets are a nutritionally balanced pelleted feed for calves from weaning to 6 weeks of age. Available in [read more]

Barastoc Calf Meal

Calf Meal is a palatable and nutritionally balanced complementary steam-flaked meal for calves up to 12 weeks of age, to [read more]

Barastoc Rearer Pellets

Rearer pellets are a palatable and nutritionally balanced pelleted calf feed to supplement feeding with forage, formulated to promote optimal [read more]