Horse Feeds

Every horse is an individual and when it comes to feeding them nobody knows better than you what your horses need to be healthy and to perform at their best. Our job at Barastoc is to make your job easier by providing you with quality, performance feeds to support their health and wellbeing.

In the 50 years that Barastoc has been working side-by-side with horse owners we have learnt that just as each horse has its own unique personality it has its own nutritional requirements which will change over the course of its life, and with its health.

We’ve also learnt that owning and caring for horses in Australia is not the same as everywhere else, our climate and terrain posing challenges that need to be accommodated for in horses’ diets.

Barastoc has used this knowledge to develop a range of performance equine feeds that will ensure each and every horse receives the right nutrition to optimise its health, performance and temperament.

Our Partnership with KER

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Our Product Range

Barastoc offers a complete range of performance equine feeds, which when fed as part of a balanced diet based on [read more]

Services We Offer

Our commitment to you – and all our customers – goes beyond just providing high quality and high-performance feeds Barastoc, [read more]