Cattle & Sheep

These mainstays of commercial farms are also popular with life stylers. As ruminants most of their nutritional requirements are met form grazing fresh or dry foliage. Supplementation can be very beneficial to adult animals where grazing opportunities are limited or the quality of the foliage is poor.

Life stylers keep cattle and sheep for a variety of reasons, from having a house cow for fresh milk, for their meat or fleece, or purely for the enjoyment of rearing more unusual breeds.

Barastoc’s Hobby Farm mix has been formulated to provide a convenient and cost effective supplementary ration to ensure that adult cattle and sheep get the right balance of nutrients for overall health and wellness. Also suitable to be fed to goats, especially where kept in mixed herds with sheep and cattle.


Barastoc Hobby Farm Mix

Hobby Farm Mix is palatable, nutritious and balanced muesli-style ration made from cereal grains, lucerne and molasses that is suitable [read more]