Goats are one of the oldest domesticated species with a reputation of being able to eat anything and everything. While they are indeed browsing animals, sampling a wide range of plant material to get the nutrients they require, they do have specific nutrient requirements that are best meet with the use of prepared supplementary feeds.

Modern breeds of goats have become popular with life stylers for their milk (and products such as cheese from that milk), meat and fine fleece.

True ruminants, goats require a high fibre diet based on either fresh or dry foliage to keep their digestive microflora healthy.

Goats need certain minerals and vitamins for their maintenance as well as proper functioning of their physiological systems. Feeding of fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) must be provided in a goat’s diet due to its inability to make these vitamins.

Feeding of calcium and phosphorus (2:1 ratio) is recommended for better structural and bone strength, along with dietary supplementation of copper as goats have a tendency to be copper deficient.  In Australia where soils are very low in selenium, supplementary feeding programs should also provide this mineral to prevent deficient disease.

Male goats are susceptible to developing Urinary Calculi, a dietary-related disorder than can result in the urinary tract being blocked, sometimes fatally.

Barastoc’s goat feeds have been designed to ensure that all of these specific needs are met in a convenient and cost effective ration.

Barastoc Goat Pellet

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Barastoc Goat Mix

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PalaStart® Lamb and Kid Milk Replacer

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