Rats & Mice

Rats and mice are omnivores that require a high protein diet with essential amino acids, balanced vitamins and minerals for optimal health and growth, and fats for a healthy skin and coat. Commercial feeds will ensure that domesticated rats and mice get all of these.

While not strictly lifestyle animals, rats and mice are popular pets, and benefit from having a feed that it is tailored to their specific requirements.

As small, active animals with high metabolic rates, mice have high energy and protein demands.  It is also essential that mice are provided with Magnesium, Vitamin A, and Choline in their diet.

Rats have similar dietary requirements to those of mice; however, rats require higher fibre and lower fat.

Both animals will selectively feed if given a mix of feed types and this can result in nutrient deficiencies. A pelleted feed not only prevents this from happening, but also provides them with something to hone their continuously growing teeth on.

Barastoc Rat and Mouse

Rat and mouse is a palatable, nutritious and balanced pelleted feed made from cereal grains specifically formulated for the growth [read more]