Poultry Feeds

A feed for every flock

People and chickens have been living side-by-side for a very long time. Our feathered friends were digging up worms and laying fresh eggs in backyards over 5,000 years ago. And from the beginning, they’ve had people all over the world asking the big question: which came first, the chicken or the egg?

At Barastoc we firmly believe in putting the chicken before the egg. More than 75 years of experience in feeding poultry have taught us that healthy, happy and well-nourished chooks produce better eggs, more often. And not everyone keeps poultry just for their eggs. Chicken’s make great companions, are wonderful for teaching children about animal husbandry or simply a source of enjoyment, especially breeds with unusual or spectacular plumage.

Chickens are omnivores, so they are healthiest when they have a diet containing both animal and vegetable material. In the wild this would consist of foraging for insects, worms, small rodents, seeds and other plant material. The diet of domesticated chickens should aim to provide a similar range of nutrients to what they would get in the wild. It should also encourage the chicken’s natural foraging behaviours.

Your backyard is very unlikely to provide everything your chooks need in sufficient quantities, especially if they’re laying hens. And that’s where Barastoc can help. Barastoc have a feed for every flock, and for every bird from chicks through to laying hens and show-birds.

We firmly believe that when it comes to feeding backyard chickens, they give back what you put in.  Every feed we have is made from the best ingredients, sourced predominantly from Australian farmers and underpinned by sound nutritional science so you can be confident that your birds are getting a nutritious, balanced and complete diet. And, of course, our poultry feeds have always been, and will always be, 100% hormone free.

Keeping chickens is incredibly rewarding and with a little guidance anyone can do it. That’s why in addition to providing the best feeds, we have developed the “Chook Book”, to give you all the information you need to care for your own backyard flock. You can download a free copy here.

For further information, please contact our Ridley Sales & Support team on 1300 666 657 or email enquiries@ridley.com.au.

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