Feed for every laying flock

A laying hen in her prime can lay over 300 eggs a year!

Making an egg is very demanding on a chicken. Each egg a hen lays depletes her body of protein, energy, calcium and other nutrients. These nutrients need to be replenished – and quickly – if the hen is to remain in good health and condition.

Your backyard is very unlikely to provide everything your chooks need in sufficient quantities. And that’s where Barastoc can help. Barastoc have a feed for every flock and for every type of bird, from chicks through to laying hens and show-birds.

Every Barastoc feed is made from the best ingredients, sourced predominantly from Australian farmers and underpinned by sound nutritional science so you can be confident that your birds are getting a nutritious, balanced and complete diet. And, of course, our poultry feeds have always been, and will always be, 100% hormone free.

For further information, please visit www.barastocpoultry.com.au.