Layer Bird Feeds

A laying hen in her prime can lay over 300 eggs a year!

Making an egg is very demanding on a chicken. Each egg a hen lays depletes her body of protein, energy, calcium and other nutrients; by way of example, a laying hen needs to consume 4 grams of calcium a day alone to get the 2 grams of calcium needed to form an egg with a strong eggshell! These nutrients need to be replenished and quickly if the hen is to remain in good health and condition, a hen that eats well will lay well, day-in and day-out.

Diet is not just important for adult birds. Good nutrition will also optimise the growth and health of chicks and pullets and enable them to realise their genetic potential.

And just like us, chickens have different nutritional requirements at these different stages of life.

The Barastoc range of feeds will ensure that your chickens get the right nutrients, in the right balance and in the right form for every stage of their life.  Simply choose the most appropriate product from the range, and let your chicks and hens do the rest.

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