The Naturals Range of Feeds

Everything you want, nothing you don’t makes this range the natural choice.

Based on the same sound nutritional science as our essentials range, “Barastoc Naturals” address the needs of those consumers that have made lifestyle choices about the animals they care for, and the food they eat.

All products are guaranteed to be made from natural ingredients, and to be free from medications, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.


Barastoc Darling Downs

100% vegetarian goodness. Darling Downs is a nutritious, balanced and complete vegetarian blend of grains, seeds and nutrient fortified pellets. [read more]

Barastoc Grains and Greens

As nature intended. Grains and Greens is a nutritious, balanced and complete mix feed formulated from all natural ingredients, including [read more]

Barastoc Mixed Flock

One feed for birds of a feather that flock together. Mixed Flock is a nutritious, balanced and complete short cut [read more]