Game Bird and Water bird feeds

Birds of a feather flock together

Thanks to generations of selective breeding, there are now hundreds of different breeds of chickens and turkeys, some of which have been bred for their looks rather than their egg laying ability or for meat.  These ornamental varieties have slightly different nutritional needs to laying chickens and benefit from a diet that is lower in calcium.

Game birds (guinea fowls, peafowls and pheasants) and water birds (ducks and geese) also have different nutritional needs to chickens and turkeys and their different shaped beaks and feeding behaviours need to be accommodated. For example, ducks scoop rather than peck up their food and do not cope well with feeds that are in small in size. Critically medications that are added to many chick and pullet feeds cannot be tolerated by many game and water birds.

If your backyard flock includes any of these birds, Barastoc offers an all-purpose packaged feed for adult birds that addresses their common needs and removes the inconvenience of having to have individual diets, and the risk of not giving them the right amount of nutrients to thrive.

If you are keeping these birds for commercial reasons, Barastoc can offer an all-purpose feeding program supplied in bulk for all stages of development to maximise your return on investment. For further information please contact our Ridley Sales & Support team on 1300 666 657 or email

Barastoc Mixed Flock

One feed for birds of a feather that flock together. Mixed Flock is a nutritious, balanced and complete short cut [read more]