Aussie Helpers

Aussie Helpers supports farmers who are going through really tough times.

The majority of these people would not ask for help or expect it. Originally started by a husband and wife team which has expanded over the years, Aussie Helpers is unique in its aim to not only encourage financial support for struggling farmers, but also in respect of donations of time.

Aussie Helpers is a direct link to the rural communities where Ridley operates.

Aussie Helpers has helped thousands of farmers who have been affected by fire, flood, drought, and rising costs of living, and donated half a million dollars in drought aid in just the last financial year.

We have been actively helping Aussie Helpers since becoming its corporate sponsor in 2012.  To date, we have donated many thousands of dollars of packaged stockfeed to:

  • Fire victims in the 2012 QLD Gulf Country fires
  • Fire victims in the recent NSW bushfire
  • Fire victims in the recent Tasmanian fires
  • Fire victims in the recent Victorian fires

If you are feeling down and would like someone to talk to, Brian Egan and his Aussie Helpers volunteers can help:  Australia Wide Ph 24/7: 1300 665 232 E-mail:

Download our Aussie Helpers Printable article here.

To make a donation and help farming families and rural communities survive please visit: