Garvan Institute

Ridley has helped fund the development of the “Healthy Families, Healthy Communities” program, a unique education and awareness program developed in collaboration with the Garvan Institute.

The Garvan Institute is one of Australia’s leading biomedical research institutes, pioneering studies into the most widespread diseases affecting our community today.

The Healthy Families, Healthy Communities program has been developed to communicate important health messages to rural and regional Australians and to advocate the importance of medical research. Our partnership with the Garvan Institute aims to build strong, healthy, and sustained communities.

The overall theme of the program with the Garvan Institute is the importance of healthy families building strong and sustained communities. We believe that this is closely aligned with Ridley’s values.

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The Garvan Institute program includes topics such as cancer – a disease which affects us all – and other key health issues affecting our communities, such as diabetes and metabolic disorders, neurological and ageing afflictions such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and skeletal disorders such as osteoporosis.

Our employees, Board of Directors, suppliers, and customers are embracing of, and actively engaging with, the Healthy Families, Healthy Communities program. Together with the Garvan Institute, we are committed to supporting good health for Australians in rural and regional communities.

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