At Ridley, we pride ourselves on being Australia’s leading provider of high performance animal nutrition solutions that deliver real results, and are at the forefront of animal nutrition science. This is only possible because of our investment in innovation.

Our innovation program aims to deliver on our mission of providing our customers with sustainable improvements in performance over cost through new feeds and feeding practices.

We support a vast range of research and development programs and have strong partnerships with industry and regulated bodies, universities, and key research organisations, including the CSIRO. Projects range from animal nutrition and productivity, novel ingredients, and environmental management, to technology development and commercialisation. Examples of current innovations include:


Novacq™ is a ground breaking novel prawn feed ingredient that is derived from a marine microbial process which involved over 10 years of research and development by the CSIRO.

Novacq™ acts as a metabolic stimulant when included in prawn feed diets. It increases the prawn’s food intake and permits the animal to utilise the feed more efficiently. Because of this, the prawn will grow faster (gain more weight and/or provide shorter harvest cycle times) and use less feed (improve feed conversion).

Novacq™ can also be used to help replace scarce fishery resources such as fish meal in prawn diets, which is important for consumers, retailers and overall industry sustainability.

A number of lab-based trials over the past 4 years in both Australia and Thailand have been conducted, consistently demonstrating growth rate improvements in the vicinity of 40% or more. In addition to the improvement in feed conversion rates of 20-30% from and accelerated growth, the trials are exhibiting improvements in animal well-being via enhanced resistance to the challenge of viral/bacterial attacks and thereby increasing survival rates.




Sow Block

The enriched sow block was developed to address the emerging trend in international markets seeking to advance the welfare of commercially farmed animals through environmental enrichment.

The taste and texture of the molasses based Sow Enrichment Block is designed to attract sows and provide an outlet to express their natural desire to forage, reducing the incidence of aggressive behaviours which harm sows and productivity.