As the leading Australian manufacturer of prawn feed, Ridley continues to develop high-quality, value-adding nutritional solutions especially for Australian conditions.

Our prawn diets are cost-effectively are engineered to provide your prawns with the best growth, feed conversion ratio, and health. They promote optimum nutrition and reduce stress, particularly important when rearing conditions are challenging due to fluctuations in temperature and salinity.

Our pellets have a high water stability ensuring nutrients remain within the feed until it is eaten, as well as minimising wastage and maintaining water quality.

The range includes both starter and grow out diets.

  • Prawn Plus No Catch – This high-quality diet is the first in a new generation of world leading, high performing Ridley diets and contains no tradition fish meal, delivering a FIFO (fish-in fish-out ratio) of zero for framed prawns.
  • Prawn MR – This diet is our original high performance diet, designed to deliver superior production in Australian conditions.

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